The Top Most Poker Game Variations

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Deuce to seven triple draw

If you are the only person who knows how to play this game in your neighborhood, why don’t you introduce you friends to this amazing poker variation and take their money instead. This game is one of the best poker variations played by poker professionals. It is poisonous to those who don’t understand it and gold to those who know everything about the game. This game lets you play multiple bets.

How to play deuce to seven triple draw

Each player is given 5 cards. Although deuce to seven triple draw is a lowball game, the Aces are rather high. The potential possible low had is usually 2-3-4-5-7 since straights and flushes count against you. After the first five cards, the betting rounds sets off and then each player can either stay pat or draw to a better hand, depending on the strategy employed. You can draw up to 3 times after each draw, you have to match the last bet before you draw and also after completing the last bets.

Crazy pineapple

You can easily play this game because of its incredible name, although you will still end up playing it because of its amazing betting action. Just like Hold’em, Crazy Pineapple is a card game that begins with 3 cards instead of 2. Crazy Pineapple is increasing becoming popular in casinos, most likely because people are tired of playing Texas Hold’em.

How to play

Players are given three cards and a single round of betting which is completed in the dark. After playing three cards, the players are supposed to get rid of  one of their cards in order to bet. In the variation, there are river cards and community turns of betting after each session. You can also play Crazy Pineapple with betting limits.


Another poker variation that is spontaneously becoming popular is Badugi. Badugi is a lowball version where suits play a critical role. The main objective of this game is to have the best four card low hand. However, similar suits and pairs count against you. The game also has three draws making it a gold mine for players who understand the game very well and a haven for real time suckers.

How to play

All players are given four cards to start- the cards are dealt face down. The highest possible hand is A-2-3-4 of various suits. Note that similar and pair suits count against you.

Seven card no peek

This is yet another incredible action game. This poker variation shares some certain features with seven card stud, only those cards are dealt face down. If you pick your cards before the actions begin, you are automatically disqualified.

How to play

Each player is dealt seven cards- face down. The first player to player to bet the game exposes his or  her card. Action starts when the dealer on the left throws the card. Once the player throws the card, he or she can either choose to bet or not. The next player is expected to beat the first player- the same is true throughout the game.


This is a classic game that interests for its bluffing and showdowns. This game has endless variations. However, the most common version is where players play against each other using three cards a piece. Flashes are not that great than straights. For more fun, add a draw or a pass element to the game. It will induce more bluffing action and more betting. Because losing players have to match the pot, this game is incredible and is filled with lots of action junkies.

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